So, you've been told you have a powertrain warranty. That would be nice, if you actually knew what all those fancy terms everyone threw over your head. So you left the room thinking, "What is a powertrain warranty? And what's that comprehensive thing they kept talking about?" We've been in that boat too, so we're here to let you in on some secrets.

Pretty much, a powertrain warranty is a warranty that covers a vehicle's main drive components. This means, that "car parts that move" are covered. So driveshaft, transmission, and engine. That's simple enough, right? This makes sure that even if the original or comprehensive warranty for your car has gone up in smoke, that you're able to grab needed repairs (like if your Jetta's driveshaft just snapped.) Additionally, these "lifer" warranties last much, much longer than the other kind (comprehensive  warranties), with manufacturers offering lifetime and limited powertrain warranties. As their name implies, lifetime warranties frequently are in place during the whole time you own the car/truck/van/tank. Except maybe when you lent it to your brother, who drives like a maniac. Limited powertrain warranties do have a couple of exemptions, such as not starting until after the original warranty has ended. 

The other weird term, a "comprehensive" warranty, is in place to help with lots more things in the car, like air-conditioning, technology, and the sub woofers you just installed. Just kidding. Not that last one. It's also called a "bumper to bumper warranty"; however it is much shorter than the powertrain offer 99% of the time. This 'b2b' warranty usually terminates after 3 years or 36,000 miles, (whatever situation occurs first).

"This is all well and good", you might be thinking, "but I want to know if my lifetime warranty is only covered at your location."

Well, as much as we would LOVE to see you here, you can actually get your warranty work done wherever you like (as long as they're approved). Watch the video above to find out more about Sierra Motor Mall's unique and exciting lifetime "Warranty for Everyone Offer"! If you still have questions, just contact us right here or give our service department a quick ring at (877) 968-7185. You're now a warranty ninja! HI-YAH!