We've all seen ads for used cars, using all the gimmicks in the book to try and get you to break the bank on a new vehicle. Here at Sierra Volkswagen, we buy, trade, and sell based on quality, and our goal is customer satisfaction. No misleading ploys - our aim is to get you behind the wheel of a car you came to buy.

Buying used is a great option for people looking to save some money. Take the Volkswagen Jetta, for example. This model is known for its incredible quality, built to last longer than most other models on the market. This sedan is incredibly durable, and comes with a powerful, yet efficient, drivetrain. Basically, this model is the ideal model for almost any driver.

Although new cars might come with cool gadgets and a new-car smell, used models are often cheaper simply because there is less demand. If you can avoid all of the hype, you can save up to 30% by buying a car that is more than one year old, according to Bankrate

Buying a used car doesn't just have to be practical, though. Models like the VW Jetta come with a compact design, perfect for the urban jungle and tight city streets. You take you family on a nice tour of the country thanks to the ergonomic and spacious design. Under the hood, you'll find an intelligent engine, designed to cranks out horsepower while merely sipping fuel. Turbocharged and supercharged engines are also available on select model years.

Though there are six generations of Jetta models to choose from, you can't go wrong. Each model is known for its sporty compact exterior, its powerful engine, and its comfortable seating. Get back to the basics: get a used Volkswagen Jetta today.