Q: What should I do if my check engine light comes on?

A: The check engine light is there to warn you of possible problems with the vehicle that could potentially cause damage. Have your vehicle check by a technician as soon as possible.

Q: When should I change my oil?

A: Check your manufacturer's recommendations. Typically, oil and the oil filter should be changed somewhere between every 3,000 and 7,000 miles.

Q: What is antifreeze?

A: Also called coolant, antifreeze prevents the engine of your vehicle from either overheating or freezing. You should have your radiator regularly inspected to check for leaks, and antifreeze should be changed on a regular maintenance schedule according to the manufacturer's recommendations. 

Q: What is the HVAC system?

A: HVAC is an abbreviation that stands for "Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning." The system includes both heating and cooling, as well as other important functions, such as your car's defroster. Regular inspections should be conducted according to manufacturer guidelines. 

Q: How often should I replace the belts and hoses in the engine?

A: Any belts and hoses in the engine of your vehicle should be regularly inspected for leaks, cracks, or age hardening. Regardlessly of quality, they should be replaced every four years. 

Q: What's in the brake system?

A: The brake system includes brake pads, lines, discs, shoes, calipers, rotors, sensors, master cylinder, and fluid. Each and every part of this system is important should have regular inspections and maintenance performed on them. A good rule of thumb is to have brakes inspected every three months, and also listen to your car if you hear any squealing or grinding noises. 

Q: What does the exhaust system do?

A: Connected to the engine, the exhaust system reduces noise and filters out waste that could potentially be harmful to you and to the environment. If your car begins to make a rumbling noise, or even just sounds louder, there is a possibility that there is a leak in your exhaust system, and you should have it checked right away.

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