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How to Change a Tire

At least once in your adult life, you'll have a flat tire. It's unavoidable for most and with road construction, debris, and accidents, it's all the more likely. While most drivers of modern cars have some kind of roadside assistance service, it's still smart to know how to change a flat tire yourself. As it's a common hindrance on the road, knowing the steps to change a tire are an essential part of the smart driver's road manual.

1.      Before you leave the house, make sure you have the essential equipment to changing a tire. Items you need include a car jack, lug wrench, and spare tire. Check your owner's manual to see where each item is located

2.      Once you suspect a flat tire, find a safe spot to full over. If you can't get off the highway, pull as far off the road as you can. Make sure the ground is flat so you can safety jack up your car. If you have a manual transmission, set the parking brake.

3.      Turn on your hazard lights and grab your supplies. Remove the hubcap. You may need to pry it off with the lug wrench. Next, loosen the lug nuts but don't remove them yet.

4.      Check your owner's manual to see where to put the jack. Once you've found the right spot, jack up the car until the tire is half a foot off the ground.

5.      Finish removing the lug nuts and take the tire off the car. Make sure to pull straight out for easier removal.

6.      Line the lug nut posts up with the spare tire. Push the spare tire in until it can't go any further. Put the lug nuts back on but don't tighten them just yet.

7.      Use the jack to lower the car and remove it once the car is safely on the ground.

8.      Tighten the lug nuts one at a time and return the tools to your trunk. Make sure to replace your tire as soon as possible!